Your unforgettable wedding at a venue in Kent.

Your wedding should be the most wonderful moment for everyone attending. You are, like every engaged couple, spending much of your time thinking about your wedding preparations. You will decide on the date, choose a wedding dress, order marvellous wedding invitations etc. In fact, you will do everything to make sure that the whole event has been prepared with great thought.

At the start of your plans for an unforgettable wedding your choice of venue will become the most important thing on the horizon. Your special moment has to be held in special place. So, you might choose to use the Internet to begin your search, for example the phrase wedding venues in Kent is a precise way of finding a luxurious, elegant venue as we have here at Bromley Court.
Our wedding venue in Kent has the most beautiful gardens with stunning views from the terrace; a place with beautiful, natural views is a great choice for a wedding ceremony.

If your wedding needs to take place close to London but surrounded by beautiful country side, then here with us at our wedding venue in Bromley is just where you need to be! Excellent road and rail links make our venue accessible from any part of the country.

Some couples feel safer and more comfortable if their wedding ceremony is managed by themselves or their closest friends and family. Yet, one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten, to ease the workload, is that our wedding venue has a wedding coordinator who will be more than happy to help with your planning.

The wedding ceremony is a special moment. Every couple will remember that moment for the rest of their lives. So we always pay huge attention to your wedding plans to make sure that your wedding day is memorable not just for you but for your guests also.