Your essential Wedding Kit – For those unexpected moments

Gay Friendly Wedding Venue

The best laid plans can go wrong, coffee and red wine will be spilled and your bridesmaid will break the heel off her shoe. It happens! The only thing you can do is try and have an emergency kit on hand to help with these situations.

These are just a couple of items we have seen in use here at the hotel. So they can provide a starting point for you.

A Sewing Kit

To include, scissors, extra buttons / poppers and safety pins. You will also need a needle and thread. Be sure that the thread you include is the colours you need. So black and white are staples and then the colours that match your bridal party. Within your sewing kit also have some fabric tape, this is an ideal quick solution for any hems that might start falling.

Super Glue and a Lighter

Super glue is a must for shoe fixes, or anything that needs a strong hold, lighters can be used to burn threads off, and are also good to have for later on to make sure candles stay lit.

Clear Nail Varnish

One especially for the ladies, if your stockings or tights start laddering a small dollop of clear nail varnish will stop the run. Of course you could pack a few spare pairs, but that can get expensive!

Nail file /tweezers / Qtips

If you are having your make up done, then your make-up artist will have these. But when they depart these are the things that you might be glad you packed. If you snag your fingernail, nothing is more annoying than getting it caught on everything for the remainder of the day. Make sure you have a file so you can make it smooth again.

Tweezers are good to have for any odd stray hair that needs to be removed, or splinters. Qtips for removing that tiny piece of mascara, or a tiny stain, they are great to have in your kit bag.

Blister Plasters / general plasters

An obvious one but even worn in shoes can create a blister, especially on hot days when feet might get a bit swollen. Also general plasters are good if you nick yourself, you don’t want little blood spots ruining your outfit. Just pop one on until the bleeding has stopped then you can easily discard it.

Snacks / water and a straw

Do bring with you just a little something to eat, especially if it’s a late wedding, protein bars are good as they can fill you up, or breakfast bars. Just make sure that whatever you bring won’t melt or crumble too much. Water is also a good shout. Stay hydrated so that you maintain your energy throughout the day. Straws are a good idea if you are wearing lipstick as you won’t have to keep re-applying.

Phone / Phone charger

It is a good idea to nominate a member of your bridal party to be the main person for communication between the different groups. So a charged phone, that everyone important has the number of with phone charger is important. That way if cars break down or there is another delay then at least there is one line of communication that everyone knows is the one to call.


Whilst everything will be paid for, it’s a good idea to have an envelope with some extra cash in it in your emergency stash. You just never know when you might need it.

Vanity Bag

You’ll need something on hand to put it all in. If someone uses something – tell them they have to put it back in the bag. That way you’ll know where all your emergency equipment is.

Each couple is going to have a different idea of a disaster, so our advice is to think what yours would look like and try and come up with a plan of action on how to deal with it. This might be having spare rings to hand, a runner who can simply run for things all day, or perhaps organize a completely separate changing area from your pre-drinks area (no spillage on a white dress).

..and of course, if you are getting married in our LGBT Wedding Venue then we’re on hand too to help. Contact our wedding organizer to take the first step for your ‘nothing is going to spoil it’ perfect wedding day.