Wedding venues in Kent for your big day.

For some people their entire wedding is centred on the venue, perhaps it’s a place where the couple met, or somewhere significant to them, maybe the place of their first date, or where they became engaged. Others however, find that they start with a blank page. Either way, choosing one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Kent is the first step in planning your perfect wedding.

One of the first things to bear in mind when you are going through venue selection process is that your wedding will have two parts, the actual ceremony and the reception. Venues, such as ours here at Bromley Court, cater for both, but those that so not will mean that a separate venue for the actual wedding ceremony and the reception will have to be found.

Of course, one of the most traditional venue options is a Church wedding. In recent years churches have become more receptive to welcoming couples from different areas to get married and as a result, it is no longer a requirement for the couple to have regularly attended that church or live locally in order for them to be married there. With a variety of churches across the country, ranging from the picturesque village church to an inner-city contemporary church there is bound to be something to suit every couple’s taste!

Having chosen a church wedding you then of course need to find a reception venue as close as possible and one that is easily accessible from the church without having to arrange transport for guests.
Part of the allure of a stunningly beautiful, historic house like ours here at Bromley Court is it’s charm, character and sense of history. For more information regarding our stunning wedding venue in Bromley please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or better still make an appointment with our wedding planner who will be more than happy to give you a full guided tour.