Wedding venue in Kent gives planning advice.

We all know that becoming engaged to the love of your life is exciting! So it’s no surprise that as a new soon-to-be brides you will start planning your wedding the second that ring is placed on your finger. But take a moment, take a breath, and enjoy… because you really don’t want to rush your wedding decisions. Rushing decisions for an event of this magnitude can end up costing you, both financially and emotionally! Here at our wedding venue in Bromley we can help. The sheer excitement of becoming engaged can catapult you into a frenzy of planning before you know it; but take a deep breath and simply enjoy the fact that the love of your life has chosen to spend the rest of his life married to you, how wonderful is that?

From our many years of experience we have found that there are one or two common wedding planning mistakes that engaged couples make, for instance:

(a) You can do everything yourself.

You want to be in charge and do everything yourself for your wedding. You have booked your wedding venue at one of the most beautiful hotels in Kent. You assume that since you started planning a year in advance, you will have plenty of time to do the bouquets, invitations and table centrepieces. Whilst your intentions are good, realistically, those months will fly by. It’s almost impossible to do everything yourself. Wedding planning is stressful enough on its own without you trying to wear all the hats. Be honest about how much you can really do and don’t be afraid to ask us for help, our wedding planners are here for you every step of the way, they want your wedding day to be perfect… just as much as you do.

(b) Asking ALL Your friends to be in your bridal party the moment you get engaged.

Asking your entire circle of friends to be in your wedding is tempting but it will certainly add to the cost. Think about the festivities and what you’ll be responsible for. For example, bridessmaid bouquets can be round £50.00 each, so it’s very likely won’t be able to afford one for every friend you’ve ever known. Next think of the bridessmaid dresses plus thank you gifts. It can really add up if you’re not careful. Be mindful, and choose wisely!

We have found that it can be best to postpone this aspect of your wedding planning. Maybe delay asking anyone until about 6 months before the day. This will give you time to really think about your decision.

So, there you have it, with our help you can relax and enjoy the whole process of planning the greatest day of your life.