Wedding day myths to avoid.

Wedding Fair at Bromley Court HotelDid you know that the exact time of day that you get married is very significant? The couple should exchange vows as the clock’s minute hand is “ascending towards heaven” (i.e. upwards). The actual day you choose for your wedding also is important Sunday used to be the most popular wedding day, as it was the one day most people were free from work. Puritans in the Seventeenth Century put a stopped this, believing it was improper to be celebrating on the Sabbath. Today, we find that at our wedding venue in Bromley, Saturdays are the busiest days for weddings, despite the rhyme:

Monday for health,
Tuesday for wealth,
Wednesday’s the best of all.
Thursday brings crosses,
And Friday losses,
But Saturday – no luck at all.

Also there is a myth regarding your wedding ring, well actually there is one which can be taken both ways. Dropping the ring during the wedding ceremony shakes out any evil influences – a good thing right? However the bad thing is that whoever drops it will be the first to die – moving swiftly on! Oh, if you are the brides you should always throw away every pin or hairpin when you remove your veil and dress or you will have bad luck.

How do you want it to be after you are married, an equal partnership or do you feel more comfortable if you are in control? Not a question you may have considered or even feel prepared to answer I bet. Nevertheless if you are the brides and want to be the “dominating” influence in your married life then you must be the first one to buy something after the marriage. Something like buying a hairpin from one of your bridessmaids should do it, no need to go over the top at this early point, plenty of time for that later!

If you are a grooms reading this well I am sorry to tell you that a round of drinks doesn’t count.

Our wedding planner can’t promise to get you around all of these pitfalls but she will certainly help you both to have the wedding of your dreams, just read here for all the information you need regarding your wedding at our hotel in Kent.