Gay Friendly Wedding Venue
The Perfect Wedding Flowers for you

Flowers can enhance the theme of your wedding, and once you have secured the venue and photographer etc. this is where the fun part really starts as the flowers can really allow you to express your own personality and creativity.

Where to begin?

Well we can all get carried away, so budget will always play a part for this area of a wedding. Set a budget that you are happy to spend, and remember all the areas where flowers might play a part. Traditionally this will be table centerpieces, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and decorating the aisle.

If budget is tight, then you might like to consider artificial flowers, or at least you can have a few fake flowers mixed with some real ones. Gypsophila can play a great part in padding out displays, or we have seen bouquets just made from this flower alone, and they are simply stunning!!

What’s the season?

Once you know your budget, then you’ll need to know what flowers are in season. It’s not to say you can’t get the flowers that are out of season, but it might make it very difficult for the florist (and of course cost rises steeply). So flowers that are readily available is the best option. You can easily do some quick research online to find out what flowers are available the month you are getting married. Some flowers also have look-a-like flowers, so you might find a substitute that will give you the same overall feel.

…and the colour

Once you know the flowers that are available, sort them by your colour theme – this will help you narrow down your choices, hydrangeas as an example are typically pink or blue…so you can easily rule these out if you are going for an orange bouquet.

Of course, you don’t just have to have flowers to supply the colour, you can also use seasonal accessories, such as leaves or berries in the Winter, and why not feathers and trailing ribbons in the summer. All these little extras may keep the cost down, but showcase your personalities and theme.

What style do you like?

Your wedding venue will probably influence the style of floral arrangement that you want, country chic won’t complement a formal ballroom, but would be perfect in a rustic setting…also the table configuration you have chosen (round v square) might influence the centerpieces.

Also certain types of flower will match a different style: peonies and roses are very classical, architectural flowers are more modern and loose clusters of flowers mixed with greenery will give a rustic feel.

You’ll already know what the overall theme is, so will probably have a head start with the look that you want.

Bringing it all together

For traditional weddings typically the boutonniere will match the bridal bouquet with the use of the main flower that is present, and the centre pieces will follow the same theme.

For gay weddings there are more options. We’ve seen the most beautiful examples where two suits are worn with matching boutonnieres, but by using different bow ties the grooms were able to display their individuality, the overall look was stunning. Two bridal bouquets can also match, with the tiniest detail being different. Different colour berries, or ribbons can make both bouquets look different but similar all at once!

Of course you could have both completely different poses to complement your own outfit.

LGBT couples could have rainbow flowers, there are some amazing silk flowers that are now available, or if you are getting married in Spring there are so many beautiful flower varieties that lend themselves to the LGBT rainbow colours.

Remember that some of the flowers can be recycled to other areas within the wedding, bouquets can flank the cake table, and aisle flowers can be brought into the dining area. Just give some thought where the two of you are going to be photographed and make sure that the flowers can frame the two of you.

Whatever your flowers, we’d love our LGBT friendly wedding venue to be your backdrop. We’d love to show you around our Bromley venue and be part of your magical day, just get in touch with our coordinator to get the ball rolling.