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The Perfect Wedding Cake

We’ve talked before about the cutting of the wedding cake being the first joint act that a bride and groom performs together…so now we want to talk about the cake itself.

Over the years we have seen some spectacular designs, from traditional fruit cakes to doughnuts and Macaroons. Let’s go through a few options with you to help you decide what’s best for you.

A Traditional Wedding Cake – well why not?

A traditional design is tiered – normally 3 tiers in total. The bottom tier (which is the one that is cut during the evening) is for eating at the ceremony, the second tier is for distributing to people after the event and the top tier is kept – normally for the couple’s first child’s christening. (Or more recently the 1st wedding anniversary) This is why this kind of cake is normally a fruit cake; it has the best shelf life and can be eaten many years after the event (if stored correctly).

Of course today, weddings are bigger so we have seen 4 and 5 tiers (to accommodate all those extra mouths to feed) and the traditional aspect has gone so the cakes can be made of anything you desire, chocolate, carrot, lemon…or why not have one tier of each flavor…something for everyone then!

For same sex weddings we have seen cakes that deliver the surprise when you cut them. Have your cake layered with the 6 colours of the rainbow for a real treat to the eye before you eat it.

To save money – you could have just one tier beautifully decorated on display – with the other cakes in the back ready to be distributed, without the decoration, perhaps just a small layer of icing, no-one will know (or even care!)

Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas

There are so many ideas that you can choose from.

Macaroons  this can be a real colourful display, and they come in a variety of flavours so ideal for vibrant personalities
Doughnuts stacked on top of each other, again using a variety of fillings can be a great alternative
Cup cakes A firm favourite for a lot of brides, different flavours and decorations makes for a really beautiful display
Croquembouche originally from France, these are a French pastry held together with a syrup. You can drizzle over chocolate to form a big mountain

What no cake?

We have seen a stack of cheese instead of cake, just choose your favourites, stack them together and decorate with grapes (or other fruits of your choice)

What about a ‘Cake area’

A fun idea is to have a table with plain cupcakes on. Provide some toppings and get your guests to ‘pimp up’ their own cupcake this is an effective ‘cheaper’ alternative and delivers a lot of fun as well!

Cake decorations

Cake decorations are the fun part; traditionally you would have a cake topper; a husband and wife on top of the wedding cake. These days of course with same sex weddings there are plenty of same sex toppers that can be gendered or non –binary.

Other ideas are to serve cupcakes in teacups (great for a vintage themed wedding) or have thick chunks of wood as the platters and have a more rustic feel.

Whatever your choice, you just need to make sure you’ve got enough cake to go round. If you’re choosing a non-traditional option, then it’s quite easy 1 cupcake / macaroon for 1 person.

For a more traditional wedding then just know that a 12” cake will give you approximately 50 servings. – You can do the maths from there!

Let us help; we’d love to help get your cake choice just right for you. As a same sex wedding venue we can be the backdrop for a modern or traditional display. Contact our wedding planner today to get the wheels in motion.