The perfect facilities for the perfect meeting.

Hiring a meeting room is something that an organisation like yours will have to do at sometime; even if you have good “in house” facilities we are sure that there have been occasions in the past when you have needed more room for delegates or have decided to hold a large meeting or even an end of financial year conference away from the office. That’s when hiring a meeting room in Bromley becomes the solution to all of your problems.

We can also imagine, that once or twice, you may have organised an off-site meeting with a client who is situated miles away from your headquarters, and then realized that you needed to find a meeting location that was in easy reach of his office! Whatever the reason booking a room with the right facilities for the right meeting is paramount.
When you book one of our meeting rooms in Kent, you will find that is fully equipped with the right equipment such as Wi-Fi, projectors, sound systems, lecterns, whiteboards and modern, extremely comfortable furniture, all ready for conducting your meeting or conference effectively and professionally.

So for a “one off” or an occasional gathering of people, hiring a conference room or meeting room here with us at Bromley Court Hotel really is, without doubt, the best idea. Whilst the majority of large companies and organisations have their own small-scale meeting rooms, these are really not suitable for accommodating large numbers on such occasions as annual general meetings, takeovers, partnerships or collaborations.

In your experience of organising meetings such as these, business heads of various enterprises and companies will want sit together in comfort, to talk about and discuss improvements or potential improvements, within their respective business areas.Our beautiful, historic hotel has many beautifully furnished rooms and outdoor spaces, just perfect for quiet conversations.