Successful meetings depend on good facilities.

Meeting Room Set Up In Board Room StyleWhen you’ve been to a few conferences or weddings, from experience, you probably assume that all conference and wedding venues will have the facilities you need. Sometimes this is not so. However we are proud to say that everything that you could possibly need for you meeting or conference, we have in house. Of course if you are thinking of having say, a parade of circus clowns, well, we have to admit it would take a little planning on our part but rest assured you would get your parade of clowns!

Seriously though, everyone has different expectations of course, but we suggest that these tips are on your meeting planner’s list.

If you are looking for meeting rooms in Bromley for example, make sure the hotel is easily accessible for all attendees. This means that your chosen venue should be readily accessible to all forms of public transport, as well as having adequate facilities. Make sure that attendees can get to your location easily and be sure to plan for visitors who are travelling from other cities and towns. This means making sure that transport to and from airports or other forms of transport is adequate, or if need be, you will have to arrange suitable transit facilities.

One of the most underestimated aspects of the successful meeting is to make sure that the image of the company is matched by the image of the meeting venue itself. Set the tone of the meeting by choosing the appropriate image.

Planning a successful meeting plus accommodation is one of those times when size really does matter. You should ensure that the venue has space to cover all your needs. These needs will include car parking, room size and dining areas. As mentioned above, adequate car parking is a vital consideration for the comfort of all attendees. The room you book for the event should allow adequate space for all members to feel comfortable for the entire duration of each session, taking into account the needs of personal space and room to stretch and move without bumping into each other. Dining facilities are also important so make sure there is adequate room for people to mingle comfortably or get away by themselves without feeling cramped.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bromley Court but in the meantime if you would like more information regarding holding a meeting with us please read here.