Same Sex Wedding Venue
Same Sex Wedding Fashion

With so much choice these days, same sex wedding fashion has all the options that a straight wedding would have. It’s like permission has been granted for us to choose exactly what we want to wear coupled with making sure we look and feel great.

Now, there are lots of choices so how do you pick just one that will complement the theme of the day and your partner (of course why settle for just one outfit, you could make a few pit stop changes!) The main thing of course is that you look fabulous, and you don’t need to cut off your circulation, or squeeze yourself into anything to achieve it. It’s a balance between showing off your personal style but still being comfortable, it can be a long day if you’ve got a feet full of blisters!

Let’s give you some food for thought

First things First: Decide your wedding theme…

Are you going to have one? Most people do, things that will influence this are the venue, is it romantic? Outside or Inside?

What season will it be? Different textures work at different times of year and may also influence colours you choose.

Is it themed around an activity that you share, what is the aesthetic that you want? classic, rustic, glamorous, or vintage are all great – you could of course steal your ideas from films (Mamma Mia has been very popular)

Since the overall look of your wedding day will likely influence what you wear, this is the first thing to nail down.

Next choose a colour palette…

So you’ll want a base colour this will be the main colour that is used in all aspects of the wedding, it can be something soft like a blush pink, or even bold like a navy blue.

Depending on your theme and personal likes you’ll find your favourite. It could be that you have 2 strong colours throughout the theme, and then an accent colour to add some depth. Taking the colours above, they work beautifully together, how about a blush pink suit, a navy suit and then alternate the colours for the handkerchiefs- that would look stunning.

More important for same sex wedding fashion, is you should choose the colours that flatter you both, regardless of whether the outfit is two suits or two dresses, or a combination. This may mean that you can’t wear identical outfits… but you have many other options.

Now onto the outfits themselves.

Brides have the most choice as you could choose from any of the following

  • Both brides in a traditional dress
  • One bride in a dress the other bride in a suit
  • Both brides in a suit
  • One bride in a long dress the other in a short dress

The list is almost endless.

The key we think is to tie the outfits together, so if its two dresses, they can be completely different in shape, but share some common elements, so lace, diamante or hints of colour.

Complementary looks can be achieved by contrast as well as similarities, so different silhouettes, hairstyles, bouquets and shoes can make the overall picture.

Gentlemen, there are a few options for you too

You can wear the same outfit – matching suits or tuxedos, of course this is easier if you have the same body shape, otherwise made-to-measure suits might be in order.

Just match one element, perhaps the jacket, waistcoat or trousers and express your individuality

Wear completely different styles, the key here is to try and match the colour tones, so when you stand together, the complete picture is made.

Other ideas that work well for every couple are the keepsakes that can be cherished long after the day is over.

The key is to be proud of who you are – You need to wear your wedding outfit and not the other way around!

Whatever you both decide, if your theme suits our same sex wedding venue you can be sure that after meeting our wedding planner and taking a tour of our beautiful, historic building, your wedding will be perfect.