Organising a meeting made easy.

Meeting Room Ready To Be UsedYou know how difficult it can be to find just the right venue for a meeting. You can spend hours searching the net for the ideal place seldom finding the venue that fits in with all of your requirements. I needn’t be a problem you know. You will have planned the program for the event, you will know what sort of activities will take place so now all you need to do is find appropriate venue and forge ahead with your arrangements!

We are very experienced indeed in providing the best and most well equipped rooms for conferences and meetings. We know that these types of functions are crucial to both the business and business development of our client’s organisations. But to businesses, these events could benchmark their future success. These occasions are treated by most companies as a marketing strategy. They use the money, time and resources to make such an event happen for the future betterment of the company.

Therefore we are proud to have available, what are, in our opinion, some of the finest meeting rooms in Bromley

We pride ourselves on our superb conference facilities. Our 9 air-conditioned rooms offer a range of sizes and can handle anything from a one-to-one interview up to a 150 person theatre-style presentation. All rooms have natural daylight but with good blackout, extremely comfortable seating, and excellent, flexible lighting, and free, wireless internet access

The date, time, duration and number of participants for the conference of meeting are important details that can help us decide on the perfect conference room for you meeting. A big plus for you and your delegates is of course our accommodation… large light rooms, fully equipped with flat screened televisions (Freeview and Sky) free internet access and 24 hour room service. Everything and more that you and your colleagues need to relax after a long day.