How to find a wedding venue or meeting rooms.

bch-gardenWe know that the success of your corporate event is essential to your company’s image, poor organisation of an event can lead to negative feedback. Businesses like yours regularly hold corporate events and conduct conferences, business meetings, product presentations and staff training.

Organising such events can be time consuming to plan and manage within the budget since there are many details to consider before making a booking such as catering, size of conference rooms, conference equipment and breakout facilities.

When dealing with conference and accommodation together, plus transportation for out-of-town delegates, the easiest way is to hold business events and conferences at a hotel that has all the facilities you need in one place. You will find that our meeting rooms in Bromley will meet all of yourrequirements.

The advantages are obvious in that we are able organize the entire event, from the beginning to the end, including travel details for delegates, conference equipment, video equipment, food and drinks etc.

In addition we have available conference and video equipment. This of course takes away part of the work load and makes it a hassle-free experience for your conference organiser.

Of course we offer special rates for corporate meetings and events especially if you book a conference and accommodation together. We also offer sophisticated broadband Wi-Fi technology and have rooms appropriate for a variety of settings such as u-shape, classroom, boardroom and theatre. We also have a comprehensive range of business service facilities such as photocopying, fax & secretarial service and registration of delegates.

Hotels like ours that offer conference facilities will also have excellent facilities for wedding receptions.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Bromley we are located in one of the most beautiful locations in Kent giving good travel access by road and rail. We have beautiful gardens and views –perfect for your wedding photographs.

Of course, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the size of the wedding facility compared to the number of guests that will be coming. Too large a room and your guests will feel “lost “too small and guests will feel too cramped. Come and see us and feel free to look around.