Happy is the brides that the sun shines on.

gazebo lightboxWhere has the summer gone? I went to bed last Sunday night after a great day in the garden and woke up on Monday to the most miserable Autumn day possible. I can’t help thinking about all the weddings that have been booked for this month in the hopes of an “Indian Summer” best of luck with that then. I know that “Happy is the brides that the sun shines on.” is another of those wedding “sayings” but every time I hear it my reaction is “duh.” I have never seen a brides who would be delighted if it poured with rain in her wedding day.

Think about, it she and her intended have booked a photographer, at some expense, to take photographs at the church/registry office etc, and they have booked their reception at a truly stunning wedding venue in Kent, which has beautiful gardens and terraces all ready for yet more pictures outside in the sunshine. If it rains, she can look forward to leaping from the wedding car and fighting her way through a downpour, holding her vastly expensive wedding dress up around her knees, her veil just about to take off in the wind, her carefully dressed hair rapidly turning into a style akin to one that looks as if she has been through a hedge backwards! You have to feel for her…all those times she has closed her eyes and dreamt of how it would be on her big day.

Mind you, once she sees her beloved all will be forgotten. The ceremony will begin, all will be right in her world, and yes, she will be happy. There may not be photographs in the garden, but with the reception booked at our beautiful wedding venue in Kent, the brides and grooms will have so many choices of areas inside our amazing building to take stunning photographs that suddenly the rain pouring own outside won’t seem to matter one little bit.