Happiness is a perfect wedding venue in Kent.

There are so many sayings and “Old Wives Tales” concerning weddings, honeymoons, wedding dates, wedding breakfasts, and choice of bridessmaids that the list is endless. It seems that getting married is fraught with danger even before either brides or grooms reaches the ceremony!

For example, when the brides is on her way here to Bromley Court, her wedding venue in Bromley, it’s good luck if she sees a lamb, a dove, a spider, or a black cat, but if she sees a pig or a funeral things are not looking good. If she lives in the country and hears a cock crowing after dawn on her wedding day that is definitely not a good sign either.

It is also lucky if the brides sees a policeman, clergyman, doctor or a blind man. This conjures up the thought of a brides who is supposed to be calm and serene because she knows that all her plans for her perfect day are in place, sitting in the back of a car desperately looking for any one of the above animals, except the pig of course, plus the selection of gentlemen for good luck!

Let’s not forget the grooms in all of this; he doesn’t get away lightly either because he has give a coin to the first person he sees on his journey to the church for good luck. Also, he must not set eyes on the bridess dress before the wedding and definitely not see the brides on the day of the wedding until she enters for the ceremony, and if he manages not to look at her as she approaches? That’s lucky too!

However, joining us here at Bromley Court, one of the most beautiful and historic wedding venues in Kent does not involve luck. With all our years of experience, will ensure that your wedding will be perfect in every way…just as you have always imagined it would be.