Your first steps in planning your wedding.

wedding venueUnless you’re very lucky, most couples have to set a wedding budget and stick to it in order to avoid problems later on. Keeping a close eye on the spending can be hard as there are so many wonderful things out there for one of the most important days of your life.

However, letting yourself get carried away may mean the start of married life in debt, which is less than fun. If you are looking for a stunning wedding venue in Kent we will be more than pleased to go through your budget with you, you never know, we might be able to spot some areas where you can save a little!

Wedding budgets can be helped by creativity. Creativity can go a long way in getting everything you want. Setting up a dedicated savings account can help, with a regular portion of your income set aside to go straight into it. One way to get everything you want may be to ask for the flowers or transport or any other element as your wedding present, something to consider if you already have most of the things that would be on a wedding list.

The wedding budget should reflect what you want the most, it may just come down to prioritisation; if the way you arrive is more important to you than the cake, it makes sense to spend more money on a stylish car and choose a simple cake.

The best man and chief bridessmaid play major roles in helping you organise events beforehand and are especially important to you on the wedding day. You both really need to be able to trust your best man and chief bridessmaid to deal with critical matters both in the lead up to and on the day. How much you involve other people in your wedding planning is up to you. The extent to which you involve family and loved ones in your wedding planning depends on your relationship with them.

Generally people love to help, but if you are worried that they will interfere or take over, think hard before you ask them to do anything. On the other hand, giving particular tasks to those eager to join in can take the pressure off you, but be sure to give clear instructions as misunderstandings can cause all sorts of problems.

With your ceremony booked at one of the most beautiful, luxury hotels in Kent, you will find that the rest of your tasks involved in organising your perfect wedding day will be easy.