wedding partyNow that you have decided to get married the planning starts. It can be more that a little stressful but if you plan carefully, take your time and most of all take on board the advice that Wedding Planners like ours here at Bromley Court will offer you.

You will have decided if your ceremony is to be a religious one or one of the many civil weddings that can now take place at licensed wedding venues such as ours.

Places to start your search include local advertising and of course the internet. Searching for a wedding venue online is easy but don’t forget recommendations from friends. When looking for a wedding venue using the internet, as well as looking at the rates they list, also look closely at their terms and conditions listing what they will and won’t allow you to do and what they will and won’t provide.

If you need to, make sure that the venue is licensed, as ours is, for Civil weddings in Kent. This will prevent any confusion at a later date that may spoil your event.

Now you have decided to hold your ceremony at our wedding venue in Kent the next step is to call and make an appointment to visit our hotel. Before your visit decide on your budget and print it out if you can, together with a list of anything you may have forgotten to ask in your initial phone call.

Don’t forget to ask us detailed questions whilst you are here, it’s better for us and for you, to get as many questions and queries ticked off your list as soon as possible.

You will be able to have a full tour of our beautiful historic building and our stunning grounds…just imagine where your wedding photographs will be taken…perfect.