Finding a wedding venue in Bromley

Iconic Hotel Moving ForwardAs you begin your search for your wedding venue, the word that describes what you are looking for is “Wow”. So that the moment when your guests arrive, they will know they are at a very special event. It’s the biggest day of your life, so you want to find the perfect venue that will create an atmosphere of an enchanted day, a place that generates warmth and leaves your guests spellbound with the magic in the air.

They are witnessing the most important day in your life, so the hunt is on for that “special place”. Well you need look no further because we have that special wedding venue in Bromley.
As you commence your search, if you are having a religious ceremony, the first thing is to decide exactly where it will be.

The venue for your reception ideally should be within a fifteen minutes drive from the ceremony venue, but no more than a thirty minutes drive or you may lose some of your invited guests. If the drive is more than thirty minutes between the ceremony and reception you may consider hiring a wedding bus, so you are then less likely to lose some of your guests on the trip!

We have our wedding planner who handles the wedding coordination. Come and talk to her, there are so many questions to ask and a lot of materials to cover. We have a wide choice of function rooms that can comfortably handle your guest list, depending on the numbers we have rooms not too big for your guest count and not too small. Just the right size so that people feel comfortable and not crowded.

During the course of your meeting with our wedding planner she will take you on a tour of the premises so remember to take photographs. Picture in your mind’s eye what the reception room might look like the day of your wedding. Your wedding at a hotel in Kent will be perfect!