Christmas cracked in Kent.

Christmas PuddingIt’s all over, and this Christmas for the first time I did it; you see I was a “Christmas Lunch Out” Virgin. I have always said the Christmas lunch should be eaten at home, even though the numbers increased every year and the whole thing was becoming more difficult as we ran out of room!

Every year my family and friends have tried to persuade me to have Christmas Lunch “out” and every year I have resisted. ‘ nothing like home cooking and gift opening in front of a blazing log fire, but this year they beat me to it, they told me that they had booked Christmas Lunch at one of the most beautiful hotels in Kent. Everyone would be there and I would not have to lift a finger, just sit down with a glass of champagne, enjoy an amazing lunch and best of all there would be no washing up!

What a fantastic time we had and I had to admit that I wish we had done this years ago; it’s quite possible that I have cooked my last Christmas lunch! The atmosphere was terrific, the decorations stunning and as we walked through the beautiful grounds the bright sunshine made everything complete.

The food was absolute perfection and I was not at all surprised when I was told that Head Chef Stephen Clark has cooked for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and for the Embassies of Japan, Russia and Saudi Arabia …..Stephen also personally planned and cooked at the wedding of Jools Holland the Jazz musician.

I will never forget my first Christmas lunch away from home…in fact as we left we booked for next year, and I have also recommended to my niece that this will be the most wonderful wedding venue in Kent for her wedding later this year.