An historic wedding venue in Kent.

There are many stunning modern hotels throughout the UK that offer wedding reception facilities, but not every brides and grooms want the “minimalist” look on their big day.

Weddings are a traditional occasion and a hotel with an amazing history like ours, will make your day so much more impressive. Buildings such as Bromley Court, with huge rooms and large windows overlooking beautiful gardens, will give you a real sense of history and make you and your guests wonder about other big occasions that have taken place in those very rooms.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Kent that has history when then you need to look no further.
Bromley Hill House was built on the top of a wooded ridge; it now forms the core of the Bromley Court Hotel. Its grounds then extended northwards to the “Garden Gate” and to Beckenham Lane in the south. Its east and west boundaries were London Road and the river.

Most of the ridge was left as a woodland garden, with viewpoints and long winding paths. The gardens became so famous that they were visited by George IV and later by William IV and Queen Adelaide. They are just as beautiful now as they were then!
The owners, from 1801 to 1838 were Lord and Lady Farnborough; Lord Farnborough was a friend of William Pitt and you can be sure that many of the politicians of the day paid a visit.

The estate was sold after Samuel Cawston purchased it from Lord Farnborough’s nephew in about 1880 and things began to change as they must, and part of the land was sold for building Victorian villas, housing being much in demand in the area. The arrival of the railway in the area meant that there was a ready market for houses like these with their owners being able to commute to the City easily for the first time.

This is just a small part of the history of Bromley Court, so if you are planning your wedding in Kent, come along and see us…take a tour of the house, you will not be disappointed.