An Historic Wedding Venue In Kent

Historic Bromley Court HotelWe know that when you check out hotels for your wedding venue there are so many considerations to be taken into account. Not only will you need to compare splendid wedding hotels like ours, but you will also need to give some thought to whether or not the hotel provides things like wedding flowers, wedding accessories and photographers such as we do.

The whole experience of searching for an historic wedding venue in Kent can become very fraught, we understand this completely, and so take great care to listen to your hopes and dreams for your perfect day.

Talking with our wedding planner about your upcoming wedding ceremony will help in alleviating much of the stress you face when planning a wedding. We are also more than happy to host your bridal shower and any other pre-wedding celebrations you have planned. Stunningly beautiful hotels in Kent, like ours, are ideal for outdoor weddings; we have the most beautiful gardens which are simply perfect for your wedding photographs

You may have a date in mind for your wedding ceremony – perhaps a date that holds special meaning for you and your intended, but if you and your partner have a fair amount of flexibility in the dates for your special event then you should be in a position to select any one of your chosen dates. Remember to pick a date that will not just work for you and your partners needs but also for the majority of your guests. You may find it difficult to get your friends and family members together for your big day around Christmas or even during Easter!

Just give us a call and arrange to visit us…we will be delighted give you a complete tour of our hotel and gardens.