A worry free wedding venue in Kent.

Dine alfrescoAs the finest wedding venue in Bromley we have found that the actual act of getting married is overflowing with pitfalls, omens and warnings! If any brides or grooms were to see the long list of does and don’ts and what some of their actions could result in –well the wedding might just be called off!

For any brides out there who is a really talented seamstress and is about to make her own wedding dresses just remember this little adage…the brides should never make her own dress. It’s said that for every stitch of the wedding dress the brides sews herself she will shed one tear during her marriage…how cheery is that?
So now it’s off to the dressmaker. However, don’t think you are of the hook yet; the colour of the dress is of course very important to you but looking at this list there seems to be some shades that are best avoided!

Married in white…You have chosen right
Married in blue…Your lover is true
Married in pink…Your fortunes will sink
Married in Green…You will not be seen.
Married in yellow…Ashamed of the fellow
Married in red…You’ll wish you were dead
Married in brown…You’ll live out of town
Married in grey …You’ll live far away
Married in black…You’ll wish you were back

Once you have chosen your dress you will of course start to think about your jewellery, pearls are always flattering but, and yes there is another but, for some people, pearls represent future tears and are not a good sign. However, to others, the wearing of pearls takes the place of the brides’s real tears so by wearing pearls she is ensuring a happy, tear-free wedded life.
So if a brides does not want to spend, her married life in floods of tears all she has to do is to follow the above happy cheery advice.
Or alternatively when you have booked your wedding at our hotel in Kent let us do all the worrying!