wedding chairsWe know that all bridess wear wedding gowns, if not a full length traditional dress, then certainly something very special for the day. It always used to be that case that a brides wore a white dress and a veil. However, fashions have certainly changed and these days we find that here at our wedding venue in Kent bridess tend to choose either a colour that most flatters them or a colour that is part of her wedding “theme.”

You may not know it, but one of the very first women to wear a white wedding dress was Mary Queen of Scots. Whilst watching the TV series “Victoria” last weekend I remembered reading somewhere that white did not become the colour of choice until 1840 and the marriage of Queen Victoria. After her wedding picture was published all over the world, it really started the whole white wedding dress tradition, and suddenly most young women wanted to copy the queen, and started wearing white.

When you are shopping for your wedding gown, there are certain things you might keep in mind, so that you look perfect on your special day. Choosing your dress is, for you, the most important thing in all your wedding plans and you want to make sure that you not only look stunning but your dress fits well and is, most important of all, comfortable for you to wear. Choose a dress that suits your body shape, choose one that is in proportion to your body.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the prefect dress based on your body shape.

  1. If you are short, choose an A-line style dress. This style tends to make you look taller. This style of dress is best if you don’t have a full skirt.
  2. The A-line shape is also great if you have a voluptuous figure. In that it will make you look taller and slimmer by focusing the attention on your height.
  3. If your middle is smaller than your hips, then the best style of wedding gown to choose is something that focuses the attention on your upper body. Choose a full skirted gown and show a little of your back, shoulders and arms, and of course, the dress should not fit too tightly around your waist.

When you arrive here, for your wedding in Kent, you will look radiant and relaxed and most important of all ready to enjoy your ceremony and wedding reception.