A professional wedding venue in Kent.

With the array of options you can find around, you may have a difficult time choosing the ideal Wedding venue. Some offer catering services with impressive  menus and lots of other details included in the package. While many usually equate expensive catering to higher quality service, this is not always the case.

Here are several things that we offer here at Bromley Court the most beautiful wedding venue in Kent.

Excellent people and communication skills.

We are in the hospitality industry, so it makes sense that we are adept in dealing with different types of clients. Our hotel staff are accommodating and diplomatic at all times. They are happy to offer you additional and more creative ideas that can make your wedding even more memorable.


We always convey a professional approach at every meeting. This goes hand-in-hand with our people skills. Professionalism can be seen in various ways, such as something as simple as attending a meeting early or just right on time, as well as being prepared to present a catering proposal for your reception.

Organizational skills.

We know that organizing any event can be stressful, so we are ready to work around the clock to give you the perfect wedding day.

Ability to cope with stress.

We will always take time to handle your event details for you. We plan and execute your food catering ideas, and motivate all our staff to do their work efficiently. Good stress management skills like ours will come handy in providing you with your perfect day.

When selecting your wedding venue in Bromley we invite you to explore The Bromley Court Hotel as we join you on an unforgettable journey from your engagement to the biggest day of your life … your wedding day.