A flexible Wedding Venue In Kent

Of course, we know that every wedding is different but there are some things that almost all weddings have in common; what dress the brides will wear? Who will be invited to the wedding? What is the date of the wedding? What is the colour theme of the wedding? What food will be served? Will it be a civil, religious or a traditional wedding?

All of these questions are important, but where the wedding will take place is probably the most important question of all, because the venue for the wedding tends to determine a lot of other factors concerning the big day. Choosing a flexible wedding venue in Kent, like ours, will help you determine the number of people you are able to invite to your wedding, plus, the venue you choose will help you decide other things like table decorations, photography and seating arrangements.

Why choose one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in the Kent? Well it is quite simple really, whilst huge venues will be able to book more than one wedding in a day, choosing an intimate wedding venue like ours, guarantees that you are the only people who will be using the venue at that particular time. Some large venues have wedding packages that are fixed, which makes it difficult to personalise your wedding according to your choice, whereas a wedding venue in Kent such as ours is able to be much more flexible regarding your hopes and wishes. The most important thing for us is that you have the wedding of your dreams.

We have a wonderful intimate romantic atmosphere for your wedding leaving you and your guests feeling completely relaxed and comfortable.

Why not come and pay us a visit? Stroll around our simply beautiful gardens and imagine standing on our terrace on your wedding day, the sun is shining, the champagne corks are popping and you are married!